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Get A Crystal Clear Smile With Teeth Whitening

Are you insecure about the color of your teeth? Do you want a brighter smile? Get your crystal clear smile at Melissa Dental and Orthodontics. We provide professional in-office whitening and take-home kits in Melissa, TX. Following are a few different ways through which you can achieve brighter teeth:

In-Office Tooth Whitening 

If you want a significant color change in a short time, choose the in-office tooth whitening treatment. It will provide you with up to eight times lighter shade. It will be done by a professional dentist in Melissa who will use a high concentration of peroxide gel. This will give you the most dramatic results in 20 minutes to an hour max. If there are any particularly stubborn stains, you may be advised to come in for an additional session or asked to continue with a take-home kit. 

Professionally Dispensed Take-Home Kits 

Take-home kits incorporate easy-to-use lower concentration peroxide gel that will remain on your teeth for an hour or longer. The lower the peroxide percentage, the longer you can keep it on your teeth. The gel is applied to the teeth using custom-made bleaching trays that resemble mouth guards. Call us now to book an appointment with the best cosmetic dentist in Melissa, TX. 

Store-Bought Whitening Strips And Gels

The cheapest, most convenient way of teeth whitening is the drug store bleaching options. This involves teeth whitening trays which also include a bleaching gel with a lower concentration of peroxide than the take-home kits. The gel is directly applied to the teeth in a one-size-fits-all tray. However, if not used correctly, it may cause uneven whitening. It can also increase sensitivity. If applied to a tooth with an open cavity, it can cause excruciating pain.  

Tooth Whitening Toothpaste  

There is also tooth whitening toothpaste that contains chemicals or polishing agents that will help scrub stains from teeth without the aid of a bleaching agent. The tooth whitening toothpaste is inexpensive and brightens teeth, maybe a shade lighter. Some whitening toothpaste may contain peroxide, but they are not left on the teeth long enough to have a whitening benefit.  

Maintaining Your Crystal Clear Smile.  

Whether your use an at-home whitening system, or an in-office tooth whitening system, you can maintain the results for a long time by following the dentist’s recommendations. A few things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • You need to practice excellent oral hygiene like brushing and flossing. 
  • Avoid acidic foods.
  • Avoid beverages like white and red wine, sports drinks, and carbonated beverages. 
  • Avoid berries and other strongly colored foods.
  • Avoid sauces like soy, tomato, or curries.  
  • Avoid smoking as it leaves brownish deposits, which slowly soak into the tooth structure and cause discoloration.
  • Practicable drinking dark-colored beverages with a straw. 


There may be certain risks associated with bleaching. It can cause a temporary increase in sensitivity to temperature pressure or touch depending on the concentration of bleach used. When you use home kits or store-bought bleaching products, it can burn or even bleach your gums. 

Tooth whitening works effectively for people with yellow teeth. It is less effective for people with brown teeth. If your teeth are purple or grey, tooth bleaching won’t work on you at all. To be sure if professional teeth whitening in Melissa will work for you, call us now, or book an appointment today!

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At Melissa Dental and Orthodontics, we provide in-office teeth whitening solutions like Smile Zoom, Iveri, and more. If you are looking for a Teeth whitening treatment in Melissa, TX, contact us now.

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People love us on google
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